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Colin Ross

868 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Colin Ross 868 days ago
Dan - My apartment lease ends Aug 31st, so I'll probably have to decide by the end of June whether to re-sign or not. Trying to take this month to weigh out if I want to stay or leave NYC and have a month of staying put in the city to enjoy it before travel in July + August. I really want to weight it out thinking why I would be leaving, where I would go and not just leave because I can. My main goal is to be quite proactive this month, enjoying the city, getting on top of things I've been procrastinating as well as researching potential places to move. One other improvement goal I have is to be a little more focused on my side project and see it to launch by the end of the month. I'll need to dedicate some time each week, which I haven't done in the last couple months.
Colin R Colin - Read more. Signed up to Blinkist and so far it's doing a great job of letting me read books in bite-sized summaries. This way I can easily go through four or five books a day without trying too hard! Other than that, with the weather taking a turn for the better, I'm looking to spend more time outdoors, so planning to scout some quiet but sheltered outside working places. On a more whimsical note, having got bored of my facial hair pattern for the past few months, I'm hoping to settle on a new 'design' for the summer! :sunglasses: 
935 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Colin Ross 935 days ago
Nicole - Looking ahead to April, I'm excited to continue my improvements of growing my horseback riding skills (through weekly riding lessons) and writing my novel (through monthly meetings with fellow writing friends to keep me accountable). I'd also love to get back into a better morning routine, which starts with getting to bed a bit earlier so I can wake up earlier. :) I've been making small steps towards this goal in March and would love to solidify it by the end of April. :) 
Colin R Colin - Looking to have good solid month of eating well, sleeping well and keeping up my 4-minute workout streak. Ideally, once my knee fully recovers I'd love to get back out for a few runs too. Meanwhile, I continue to battle my constant challenge of reading more. Getting out of the house during the day is becoming a lot easier now that the weather is starting to improve so more pub-working trips, and maybe broadening my stomping ground to use the handy nearby train line.
943 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Maxime Berthelot , Colin Ross 943 days ago
Carolyn K
  • Ah! Yes, I was going to ping you about this, I'm not able to gift from the France amazon store, it would be amazing to grab this and expense it if that works? :) 
Maxime B
  • Thanks Tom & Phil for your advise. I'll ask mike and Leo ;) 
  • Hey Carolyn , thanks for your help here, but if think a link is missing in your answer ;) ? right ? 
Octa - Last days in gorgeous Hawaii, I'll sure miss the beach and the sunsets so I'd love to go for a SUP session each day until the flight to SF :) Also this week we have the 3 minute goal for Plank Challenge, super excited to enter a new time bracket! I'm starting to read and learn about the path of Raja Yoga, also known as the yoga of mind :)
Colin R Colin - Have been feeling a bit frazzled (thanks Mary for that word - describes exactly how I've been feeling!) recently. Not completely sure why. have decided as result to kick-start myself back into acting and eating a bit healthier. So, hoping to get a few runs in this week as well as doing more home cooking - plenty of vegetables! Trying to cut down on the coffee too and replacing with some delightful fruity teas :smile: 
966 days ago
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Dave - This week I'm really looking forward to solidifying my routine, with a shiny new gym membership which is really exciting! Sleep and steps goals seem to have been easier to achieve recently and I'll keep an eye on those, I need to squeeze an extra walk into my day I think! This week I am aiming for a daily 30 minutes reading time. As a fun project I've been looking into ways to learn a few Icelandic phrases, it's a relatively tricky language so that makes it extra interesting! So far I've got a vocabulary app, and I'm looking for some audio lessons that I can listen to on my way to and from the gym :)
Rodolphe D Rodolphe - Yay! Excited to keep up improvements! This week, working on a few things, first sustained productivity with a short trip (Tuesday-Thursday) to Barcelona, firing up offline Gmail :) Also trying to learn some more, I've got a couple of Audible books ready to go :) Really trying to plan the next few months in terms of work, travel and calendar!
Philippe M Philippe - This week, I'll keep working on my past week improvements, i.e finding a my rhythm. I'm aiming to have a regular physical activity. Since I joined a Crossfit club 3 weeks ago, I'm going 3 times a week, but I stopped my home session, and I feel less in shape. I want to try to have a short sport session at home for the day I'm not going to the gym to complete my Crossfit sessions. My other improvement is to find 1 hour in the day, maybe before going to bed, in order to read all the books I want to read :)
Maxime B Maxime - This Week, I’d like to work on 2 main things. First one is to better organize my work time, between the things I need to do in the different task force I am involved in and the things I would like to propose as new task force. I have several ideas since last week but I didn’t took the time to write it down. The second one, is to take more time every day (maybe 30min at least) to read Reinventing Organizations, that I started last week in the train when I was out of the grid :)
Colin R Colin - I am running in a half-marathon this coming Sunday. I'd love to try and get a couple of last-minute runs in, especially as I haven't been out since Sydney! More importantly, I want to shake off the last lingering bits of this cold (nearly gone!) before the weekend. Other than that, it looks like we have got a buyer for the boat, so that's a load off my mind. Time to find myself a nice little side-project and get back to reading more frequently. Everything's been a little bit of a turmoil for the past couple of weeks, so keen to get things a little more stable for the coming month!
José G José - This week is the first one that I have completely free, without flights, since the Dengue fever I got in Bali, so my main improvement is about routine and schedules. I plan to be very focus and productive this week and also have time to keep studying Japanese and reading. I would love to have the chance to go for a run or two since I need to work out to be ok mentally too :)
1006 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Colin Ross 1006 days ago
Brian - this week's big challenge is productivity. The wifi here is a bit tricky, especially with some VPN stuff and local development. Just trying to work through these things and still ship work every day! Eating enough has also been tricky these first few days in Shanghai, I've been missing breakfast - I'll try to focus on my last few days to get enough food!
Colin R Colin - Want to get reading back into my daily routine. I've somehow lost my way a little there. Got myself a goodly number of books in the backlog to get through, so I'm taking my Kindle with me as I move about so I can read a few paragraphs here and there when switching tasks. I'm hopeful that these little tit-bits will encourage me to dive in for a longer session toward the end of the day. That's the plan anyway! Also, continuing to blog daily and learn something new (thanks, Highbrow!).
1022 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Eric Khun , Tom Dunn , Kevan Lee , Colin Ross , Courtney Seiter 1022 days ago
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Dave - Moving into a temporary place, my focus this week is to stay clear headed and focused so that I can keep on top of everything going on right now - new place, new routine, planning for retreat travels... I'll be looking to meditation, exercise and sleep goals to help be as organised and productive and happy as can be :)
Eric K Eric - Tomorrow will be my first day at Buffer. It's always a big challenge to start a new job. Lot of new processes, a new code base, new languages and amazing people to meet! I'm really excited to start and learn new things! 
I feel really lucky to be with my parents for a full month. I have this bad habits to wait them doing everything for me. I want help them on simple tasks I usually don't here to make their life easier. 
I realised my volleyball level decreased a lot. I was really excited when my friends invited me to play with them, but I couldn't play more than 2 sets and felt really bad about it. I'm still working out 3 times a week, with 3x15 pushups and 2x30 abs. 
I try to help at least 2 people every week. I feel it become more and more natural to do it and want to keep this habit for this new year!
Tom D
  • Hey Eric! Welcome :D It's awesome to hear that you are spending more time with your family :) 
Tom Dunn - This week my focus is on people and relationships. I spend so much time looking at one-way screens in my life and I have not made enough effort to see friends and family as much as I should have. As part of this I have started a project with my little cousin where I will learn how to code with him as part of a plan to get him interested in new things away from the Playstation. I realise that I couldn't tell him that playing games all day was a bad thing as I fear that this would make him resent me. What I decided to do instead is spend more quality time with him making a 'cousin startup' as a fun project. He is unbelievably bright and has started learning javascript and beginners HTML whilst playing CodeCombat with me. We are in the process of outlining a series of milestones where I will give him little prizes when he reaches a certain goal (for example setting up a 4 page Wordpress site). He is doing super well already and I am excited to see him learn even more whilst enjoying the whole experience. I'm trying to avoid making it seem like 'homework' or 'work' and am instead pitching it to him as an exciting project that we can get stuck into together :) Whilst I am in Bristol I can see him several times a week and when I move away I can do it on Skype I hope :)
Eric K
  • Wow Tom that's amazing! I really admire the importance you attach now to your friends&family. That's something I tend to forget and really want to improve this year. Friendship takes time to build and we only have one family. We only realise how important they are when they're not here anymore. Really cool you want to learn how to code! I encourage lot of people to do it, that's not as complicated as it seems! Let me know if you would like some tips or help, I'll be happy to help :) 
Tom D
  • Thanks Eric :) I would love some tips along the way and thank you so much for offering! Welcome to Buffer by the way! I only started a couple of weeks ago so am going through the same process as you :) if I can help with anything at all please don't hesitate to ask anytime!
Kevan L Kevan - Super excited for a new year of improvements! I'd love to continue learning the ins and outs of WordPress, so I'm hoping to build a WordPress theme by the end of the month. :) It's coming along, I think! I'll be moving it from HTML into PHP this week. Also, it was so great to spend extra time with family over the holidays - I'd love to steal away as many fun, meaningful minutes and hours now that the holidays have ended. This week, I'm aiming for a date or two (or more!) with Lindsay and with Evan. :)
Tom D
  • This is awesome! I have always wanted to learn how to build a WordPress theme too! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour :) 
Colin R Colin - This week, my main goal is to get out running as much as possible. It's been far too long, so I'm hoping to get in at least 4 runs, ideally 3 at a 3 mile distance and a longer one of 4 or 5 miles. Along with that, I'm trying to blog something every day, so that will be a fun one to keep up, and ties in nicely with my other goal of learning something new every day.
Courtney S Courtney - I'm excited this week to start to build onto my foundational habits of exercise, meditation, reading, and stretching. I'll be adding Spanish practice and work on my side project, Girls to the Moon, to my daily habits. I also have my first aerial silk class this week! Excited to share with you all how it goes! This week I want to get focused on minimalism by doing a bit of a winter clean-out of the house (we may put it on AirBnB while we're in Sydney, so that's great motivation to get tidied up!).

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