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Carolyn Kopprasch

1279 days ago
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Adam F The Buffer Weekly Improvements: Week 17
Adam - We are on the home stretch for moving (no pun intended). We are going to continue packing up the last few odds and ends this week and looking to have the truck loaded by Friday night. Overall, this move is a huge improvement for us and it has been great to see it come together. That said, it has done a number on my routine. This week I am going to continue to work on normalizing my routine and not neglect rest while trying to get everything as it ought to be. 7.5 Hours of sleep is my goal along with some anit-screen time in the evening.
Leo W Leo - Last week, I wasn't quite able to kick-start my meditation habit the way I wanted. I got 2 good sessions in and hope to double that number this week and up it to 4 sessions this week. Excited to keep working with Stop.Breathe.Think, I've really been liking it for the first 2 times! 
Mary J Mary- This week I'm focusing on enjoying the rest of my time in Cape Town. I have exciting things ahead when I return (hanging out with Eric, figuring out where to live, moving out of my apartment) so for now I'm just appreciating the sunshine and smiles here in Cape Town. I'm also making it a goal to read before bed each night and to go for a run at some point of each day. 
Carolyn K
  • Which one are you reading now? :)
Kevan L Kevan - I'm continuing this week to work on my three-day writing process (research on Day 1, rough draft on Day 2, finalize on Day 3), hoping it becomes a habit before too long. Also, I have some catchup to do on the books I've read lately. For each book I read, I like to document my favorite passages and highlights so I can reflect on them later. I'd like to write down three or four this week.
Carolyn K
  • I was thinking about that, I wonder if there's a cool way we could share some of our highlighted passages from Kindle Books. Maybe automatically pull them into a hackpad or Google doc? Would be cool to see everyone's. 
Kevan L
  • This would be so cool! I'm afraid the technology is a bit beyond me, I post my highlights to my personal blog - anything simpler would be amazing. :)
Dan F
  • I actually use my Kindle to highlight passages. It collects them in a book on your Kindle called "My clippings". Also, I just signed up for 'Goodreads' and you can share passages directly from books to that site and connect with other readers. You just click drag to highlight a quote then click share! That might be a good way to do what you guys are talking about! For example I shared a couple passages just now: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/30768849-dan-farrelly
Joel G Joel - During my mastermind with Leo yesterday, I identified some key activities which I want to commit to as habits for as much of the year as possible in general. Travel and other circumstances sometimes makes it harder, but having them written down helps me stick to as many as possible in weeks where I can sustain a good routine. So I have the "6 commandments of Joel" which are: 1. daily exercise 2. early mornings and good sleep 3. thoughtful & deliberate eating 4. helping others (blogging and office hours) 5. daily meditation 6. reflection time (reading, walks). This week I'm aiming to achieve 2-3 of the commandments to get me in a good flow to hit 4-5 in the next couple of weeks.
Dan F Dan - Aiming to improve my diet a little bit more this week. Would like to stick with last week's trend of getting to sleep at a reasonable time to get up earlier. I wanted to continue to tweak my workflow to test what makes me focus better and get into focused work faster. Planning to spend a little time hacking something together for that potential talk at next month's meetup. Also hopefully taking a tour of a coworking space downtown that I'm thinking about working out of a couple days a week! Lastly, I'm trying to be extra supportive of my girlfriend this week, work's been stressful on her and she needs some more positive energy from me :smile: 
Sunil S Sunil - After all the travels and broken week, I'm working to get back into my pre-retreat routine.  My aim this week is to hit 3 gym/workout sessions.  I may switch it to two gym sessions and 1 run, depending on my mood later in the week.  :).  I'm also looking to get back into a consistent reading habit.  I found that when I did this earlier in the year, I was able to hit some great sleeping patterns and I was able to disengage well.   Oh that reminds me, my Jawbone up is broken, so this week I want to make sure I'm able to start tracking my steps and sleep again by working with Jawbone UP support. 
Åsa N ├ůsa - After a lot of traveling and being sick for so long I'm craving routine! Excited to get back to running in the mornings and cooking healthy meals. Also aim to explore Zurich for at least an hour or two each day :)
Carolyn K
  • Watching your instagram with baited breath :D 
Daniel F Daniel - Over this past weekend I was able to really work on getting back into the right sleep cycle and now I think I'm all set for a really awesome week ahead! Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with my daily routine, bringing back a healthier diet as well as fitting in regular exercise. 
Courtney S Courtney - My parents are visiting us this weekend, so my main improvement this week is improving the relative cleanliness level of my house in preparation. :) In true GTD fashion, I think it might be fun to tackle this with the Pomodoro method--I'll keep everyone posted! I've also fallen off my reading a bit so I want to spend some time finding a new batch of books that resonate with me (any suggestions?). I'm in a nice rhythm with morning and evening meditation; hoping to keep that up as well.
Kevan L
  • Book suggestions, you say? :) I wonder if these would be of interest: anything by Austin Kleon, Advice to Writers by Jon Winokur, On Writing Well by Zinsser, 
Courtney S
  • Thanks, Kevan! Austin Kleon is a fab suggestion; been wanting to get to his new one!
Brian L Brian - I still feel a bit stuck in the retreat-routine - i.e. relaxing a bit too much and not paying attention to my diet. This week I'd like to get back into a normal routine by adding some runs into the mix and cleaning up my diet. Dan and I have similar goals, so it'll be great motivation to push each other on this one!
Colin R Colin - I think I have lost all sense of routine since the retreat. So this week I just want to get back into the habit of getting up at the right time, getting out for some runs and getting to bed at the right time. I seem to have "accidentally" started watching Dexter on Netflix which is interfering with my good intentions somewhat - still, only about 82 episodes to go!
Niel R Niel - I'm still keeping up with my running routine. Last week I managed three runs (5km, 2x 6km). This week I'm aiming to do the same. It's a bit tricky as I've already lost two days due to driving around Easter weekend. So I'm aiming for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. They'll again be 5km and 2 x 6km. Besides trying to maintain the consistency, I'm also experimenting with other factors to see how it improves my running, such as better/different stretching warmups and/or more sleep the night before.
Zach F Zach - I'm a bit with Brian in the "stuck in the retreat" routine. I've been a bit too lazy lately as well, so I'm getting back into my afternoon bike rides. Also, while I have learned that diet affects my health in a very drastic way, stress seems to be an equally large factor. In light of that information, I will be getting back into my daily meditations, but instead of one, will be starting my day with a morning session, and then doing an afternoon session as well at lunch time.
Carolyn K Carolyn -  After getting the Jawbone Up email that said "You hit your step goal 0 times last week," I think that needs to be my focus this week! Really excited to get back into a routine with a gym visit in the evenings. Goal is 4/5 times this week. (Monday: achieved, though I still didn't hit my step goal, so not sure if it counts!) For my personal improvement, this week I'm trying to give everyone and everything the benefit of the doubt. This is remarkably difficult so far, which is making me even more sure of how important it is to practice. A helpful reminder for me in these moments is that "everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden." 
Andrew Y Andy - Trying out a new Pomodoro timer app on Mac. I know Joel tried Pomodoro in the past and I've always wanted to give it a go. Focus sits in the top bar and alerts you using notification center when you should break/start tasks again. Should hopefully get me back into non-retreat routine again and focused on moving fast and pushing out some iPhone updates quickly.
Dan F
  • That sounds pretty cool Andy, let me know how you like the app. I started using http://www.moosti.com/ a little bit this week which has Chrome notifications and I'm liking it.
Rodolphe D
  • Great stuff, i've been on e.ggtimer.com/pomodoro for some years now, I'll try Moosti too :)
Rodolphe - Ok, so just got my new Kindle (yay!), excited to start reading soon with "Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content" from Mark Levi, I've heard it's great and it's just what I need right now :) Also trying to go back to offline writing, shooting at 3 entries for the week. Would also love to (finally) publish a blog post that has been in the making for too long, and push it on Medium (love that site).
Kevan L
  • Can't wait to read this! (But no pressure, of course.) :) 
873 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Carolyn Kopprasch , Tom Dunn , Tom Redman 873 days ago
Carolyn K Buffer June 2015 Improvements
Tom D Tom D - This month I am really grateful that I have paid my parents and the bank back in full for helping me with studies over the past few years. I am not very organised when it comes to things like finance and tax and want to become more financially responsible moving forward. My first steps here are to finish all my outstanding tax paperwork with my accountants and then start budgeting more carefully every month. Thanks for the article that you shared with me yesterday Caro! It helped a lot! I always ran away from tax forms and found excuses for leaving these things to the last minute but am now keen to sort it out head on :)  
Tom R
  • Awesome Tom!! That's got to feel amazing :) 
892 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Carolyn Kopprasch 892 days ago
Carolyn K Caro - Having hit 5 minutes in planchachallenge once, despite some days not even being able to hit 4, my new goal is to be able to hit it more consistently. I'd love to get to the point where I can hit 5 minutes in the morning, before anything else! I'm a far cry from that now so that'll be fun to focus on for May and June. Also, I've realized that I often don't even get to 1K steps in the course of a work day, so I've started taking laps around my apartment floor at least once in the day. This isn't much but it's a tiny bit of walking, better than nothing. :) Also, I'm moving / storing / traveling this month, so I'm excited to live out of a suitcase for a bit and re-remind myself how much "stuff" I *actually* need and use. :) 
902 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Carolyn Kopprasch 902 days ago
  • Wish good night
Carolyn K
  • Hehe, thanks for the reminder, going to go have a cuppa right now! :) 
919 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Carolyn Kopprasch 919 days ago
  • 3:30 Plancha
  • 3:45 Plancha
942 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Carolyn Kopprasch 942 days ago
Maxime B
  • Hey Carolyn , thanks for your help here, but if think a link is missing in your answer ;) ? right ? 
Carolyn K
  • Ah, whoops! Sure thing, here's that link. :) At least, guessing so, not quite able to read French (yet) ! :) 
964 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Maxime Berthelot , Carolyn Kopprasch 964 days ago
Carolyn K
  • Enjoy! I found it to be a very slow read. That is, not that it was uninteresting, but instead that it was so dense with cool ideas that I often re-read entire sentences or paragraphs and then put it down to imagine how it could work at Buffer. All that to say, in my experience, it's a really cool book that may take a while, so don't feel pressure to rush through it! :) 
Maxime B
  • Hey Carolyn Kopprasch thanks for sharing this with me. I thought it was my bad english ;) Actually I am also reading it very slowly  and I re-read a lot of paragraphs ;) 
Carolyn K
  • Yeah, I would venture to say that it is not anything to do with your reading speed, it's definitely the book! :) Enjoy! 

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