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Maxime Berthelot

943 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Maxime Berthelot 943 days ago
Carolyn K
  • Ah! Yes, I was going to ping you about this, I'm not able to gift from the France amazon store, it would be amazing to grab this and expense it if that works? :) 
Maxime B
  • Thanks Tom & Phil for your advise. I'll ask mike and Leo ;) 
  • Hey Carolyn , thanks for your help here, but if think a link is missing in your answer ;) ? right ? 
964 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Maxime Berthelot 964 days ago
Carolyn K
  • Enjoy! I found it to be a very slow read. That is, not that it was uninteresting, but instead that it was so dense with cool ideas that I often re-read entire sentences or paragraphs and then put it down to imagine how it could work at Buffer. All that to say, in my experience, it's a really cool book that may take a while, so don't feel pressure to rush through it! :) 
Maxime B
  • Hey Carolyn Kopprasch thanks for sharing this with me. I thought it was my bad english ;) Actually I am also reading it very slowly  and I re-read a lot of paragraphs ;) 

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